Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Moving update

You've not heard much from me and you won't for a week or two. Official move day is next Tuesday. That is also the day they are to move me out of one office and into another at work. Could we please have scheduled these moves for two different days?

I packed 19 boxes at the office today. All books and files.

I've moved almost everything from the kitchen, many of the books and decorative items from the house. All the photos and pictures from the walls. The house looks very bare.

The original estimate from the moving company was for 8 men, 2 trucks, and 12 hours. Not only was the fee over my original budget, I couldn't imagine spending 12 hours watching them carry and unload our stuff. I'd have been a basket case. So, I've been carrying van loads every chance I get. Anytime I need to go near the new house, I have a van load of stuff with me and I put it in the garage. Then, when I get a chance, I unload the boxes and take them home for more. I told the moving company I'd moved 75% of the boxes, all the pictures, etc. and he revised the estimate to 6 men, two trucks, and 10 hours. I still hope to be done in 8, but I suppose I should plan for 12 and be happy with 10. Maybe I'll just take the boys to the movies and let Dave deal with it. But, of course he doesn't know what I want to leave behind for the give away pile or a possible garage sale, and he doesn't know where anything is supposed to go in the new house, so... I'll have to stay and micromanage this one. How can movers do the job if there isn't a semi-hysterical homeowner hovering over them at all times!