Saturday, September 30, 2006

Aim High or Low???

A few have commented that I am not a "Domestic Disaster," and although they have not seen my house or my grocery list lately, I appreciate the support. I don't call myself a D.D. because I truly believe I am, I call myself that so I have nothing to live up to. Dave always wants to aim high--so he gets as far as he can. I always want to aim low so I'm sure to achieve my goals and not have a (or yet another) reason to be disapointed in myself. I guess that is the difference between one who has never worried about self image and one who has worried too much about self image.

Of the many many blessings that have come with my children, especially Joseph (who is autistic for anyone who doesn't know) is incredible freedom from worry about self image. I really don't give a hoot anymore what anyone thinks of me. I'm truly dancing as fast as I can, doing my best, and that's all I can do. I'm looking at taking on some new responsibilities at work, and feeling a new confidence that is refreshing. Is this what being 50 and perimenopausal is all about? If so, why does it take so long! So far, my fiftieth year is one of my best ever...

Friday, September 29, 2006


Ah, Friday afternoon... Full of random thoughts and little work...

I'm sitting at my desk, thinking about facing the afternoon traffic, and typing this instead of grading papers. I'll grade the papers tomorrow.

I made cookies from a mix yesterday--in true domestic disaster style--and they were great. Peanut butter cookie mix, baked as a bar cookie in a 9x13 pan, with chocolate chips added after they came out of the oven. I used parchment paper, (my niece's influence) so they came out of the pan easily. The chocolate melts, you can spread it and then you let them cool and they look great and taste even better.

Big plans for the weeked--Clean my closet. Check with me on Monday to see if I did it.

Joseph has a baseball game, Alex has soccer. I'll take photos to post of them in uniform.

Buckeyes play Iowa. It is a hard game for me. I used to root for Iowa--now I am kind of pulling for the Bucks. I can't really lose the game, but on the other hand I can't really win it, either.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Why am I Blogging???

Don't I have enough to do? Clearly, for me, this is a way to avoid cleaning house, cooking, etc. But, I've enjoyed reading my nieces' blogs very much, and it just looked like a fun way too keep in touch with friends and family, while at the same time keeping a record of our day to day lives during a very busy time.

Tomorrow will be an easy day. Work, home, maybe some evening socializing with neighbors? Saturday--Soccer game in the early afternoon for Alex, baseball at 6 pm for Joseph and 8 pm watching the Hawkeyes and Buckeyes play football.

Hello Blog Readers!

Here is my youngest, Alex, proudly holding his baseball trophy from this summer. When I was a child, you only had a trophy if the team won something. Now, everyone that participates gets a trophy. What am I talking about, I never played on any kind of a sports team as a child.

And here is a picture of Joseph, who is a year older than Alex, waiting for the bus on the first day of school this fall.

Here is a picture of myself and Dave, ready for Michael Redd's wedding. This is the only time we have dressed up in at least ten years.

Finally, one of Alex with his best friend Owen and our kittens Felix and Fanny.