Friday, September 29, 2006


Ah, Friday afternoon... Full of random thoughts and little work...

I'm sitting at my desk, thinking about facing the afternoon traffic, and typing this instead of grading papers. I'll grade the papers tomorrow.

I made cookies from a mix yesterday--in true domestic disaster style--and they were great. Peanut butter cookie mix, baked as a bar cookie in a 9x13 pan, with chocolate chips added after they came out of the oven. I used parchment paper, (my niece's influence) so they came out of the pan easily. The chocolate melts, you can spread it and then you let them cool and they look great and taste even better.

Big plans for the weeked--Clean my closet. Check with me on Monday to see if I did it.

Joseph has a baseball game, Alex has soccer. I'll take photos to post of them in uniform.

Buckeyes play Iowa. It is a hard game for me. I used to root for Iowa--now I am kind of pulling for the Bucks. I can't really lose the game, but on the other hand I can't really win it, either.


meowmama said...

In the true spirit of Fashion Friday - when you clean your closet will you be keeping the many vests that you used to knit that are back in style?

Anonymous said...

I say making a cookie is more of a domestic goddess than just posting a recipe. They sound yummy!!

Aunt Lora said...

Hillary, None of those vests fit me anymore, although I've kept some of them because I can't bear to give them to charity. You want them?

meowmama said...

Maybe sometime when I am out in your neck of the woods I can go through them. Mary Ann sent me two a while back that you had knit and that no longer fit her. I tried one on the other day and it was a little small, but kind of cute!