Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rug update and new basket

I've always liked these big tobacco drying baskets. I finally found one. I nearly had a wreck driving past an antique store Sat. The basket was part of a display outside the store--and I made a quick turn into the parking lot to get a closer look.

Mine has a couple of my owls nestled in the bottom. The ones in the Pottery Barn catalogs never have cute owls in them...

Also, here is a photo of the rug. I've not worked on it for about a month. It is still about a third the size I hope to make it. Perhaps I'll have time to work on it this summer.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Street Fair

I summoned all my available energy, pumped myself full of adrenaline, and Jen and I went to the "Fourth Friday" street fair in Westerville, OH last night as planned.

We had a blast, but I'm feeling pretty shaky this morning.

I didn't sell as much as I hoped, but the woman next to us selling jewelry said that business picks up as the summer goes on. She thinks the people just look the first month. We saw a lot of people. People seemed to like my display, and my monsters. Especially the children. I loved watching the young faces as they walked by, spotted a monster, and stopped. Or at least the head turned as they followed the adult walking in front. I think my table looks a bit too busy, and we have enough room that we will bring a third card table next time and spread out a bit more. And I will edit what I bring next time.

We both paid for our space and made a bit of profit. We had free hot dogs from the fire department stand just down the block, saw some folks we know, and enjoyed a pretty spring evening.

My favorite moments:

A little boy, maybe one, in a stroller reaching for my scariest monster on the top of the display. And hugging it like it was his favorite toy when I let him. His brother and sister put ornaments and gift tags in the mouths of all the other monsters. The mom was kind of embarrassed that they made a mess of the display. I was glad to see kids enjoy the toys. (Mom didn't buy, but she might come back...)

A girl, ten or so, whose face lit up when her dad said she could buy an owl. The feel of wool is addicting!

A college age couple--out on a date. He bought her an owl. She agonized over which one to pick. I like to think that it will be a treasured object in her world--and will last at least as long as the boyfriend does. Maybe she will keep it for years to remind her of a special date. Maybe it will be thrown away in a few months along with other trinkets that remind her of a soured romance. In any case--that little owl has flown the nest and has new adventures ahead.

Jen and her table look great!

I have a lot of new ideas for next time!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A lost week

I've been sick for a week. Tonight I feel better than I have at this time of the evening for about 10 days. What a relief. I take my health so for granted.

If you want to know how sick I've been consider these two facts:

I've not eaten chocolate for 7 days

I've not drunk coffee for 5 days

If you know me, that tells you more than any thermometer, blood test, or blood pressure cuff ever could.

All those medical things have not yet figured out what is wrong. Might be tick related, so I'm taking antibiotics, might be a virus (but not flu) that is thankfully running its course, and it might be something else, yet to be determined.

Some quick thoughts

1. Bless family that takes charge when you need them to. Dave was a champ. And Jen stepped in on Saturday and took the boys with her so I could have a quiet house. She doesn't know that I was in tears about an hour before she called 'cause I didn't know how I was going to make it through the day.

2. Food shows on TV are really weird when you aren't eating anything at all. I knew I was starting to feel better when the food made me hungry.

3. My normally disasterish house looks like a tornado hit.

4. The dog could sense I was not myself and didn't beg for a walk.

5. My children knew there was something wrong and begged for all the attention they could get. I resorted to hiding in order to rest.

6. I really hope this is over and that it isn't the start of something nasty. I thought a lot of my friend Lynn Anne and what she has been through the last 12 months. I don't know that I would have the physical or mental stamina.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Deer with chickens

It is not a good photo. I took it with my phone, before the deer noticed the dog was with me. The blob next to the deer is a rooster from the neighbors yard. It was pretty funny to look out and see this deer (a very young buck) grazing with about 3 or 4 chickens and roosters. We live in an interesting neighborhood.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The DD Cleans

This is a post designed to make you feel better about yourself!

It is never pretty when the Domestic Disaster takes on a home keeping task. We are the lucky recipients of wonderful hand-me-down clothes from cousins. I really only have to buy about 10-20% of what the boys wear. But everything is always one or two sizes too big when we get it, and keeping the things that fit separate from the things that don't and the things that are in season from the things that aren't is a huge challenge for me. This morning I decided to tackle the problem. I brought everything into one room. Sorted into throw away, give away, keep to wear now, and keep for next fall. Put the current clothes into the dresser (what a concept) stored things into the closet, and give away things into bags. What a relief!



AFTER: (The current clothes are already in the dresser--This is the store and give away stuff) (And yes, I should do a better job making the bed...)

And a photo of boys, one who is grumpy, on Easter Sunday.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Miracle of Spring

We lost many large branches from our crab apple trees during the heavy snows of February. I brought bare branches in the beginning of March, and now I have apple blossoms inside while the trees outside are still barely in bud.

Happy Easter!