Saturday, April 10, 2010

The DD Cleans

This is a post designed to make you feel better about yourself!

It is never pretty when the Domestic Disaster takes on a home keeping task. We are the lucky recipients of wonderful hand-me-down clothes from cousins. I really only have to buy about 10-20% of what the boys wear. But everything is always one or two sizes too big when we get it, and keeping the things that fit separate from the things that don't and the things that are in season from the things that aren't is a huge challenge for me. This morning I decided to tackle the problem. I brought everything into one room. Sorted into throw away, give away, keep to wear now, and keep for next fall. Put the current clothes into the dresser (what a concept) stored things into the closet, and give away things into bags. What a relief!



AFTER: (The current clothes are already in the dresser--This is the store and give away stuff) (And yes, I should do a better job making the bed...)

And a photo of boys, one who is grumpy, on Easter Sunday.

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