Friday, March 26, 2010

Niddy Noddy

I went to the hardware store yesterday, spent a whopping $5.75, and
made a niddy noddy. You can find directions online at many different
sites. There are beautiful wood niddy noddies available online as
well, but this is functional. It works like a dream, once I figured
out the rhythm of it. It is used to wind yarn into skeins for washing
or dying. I added end caps and rubber washers to hold the yarn in the right spots.

I love it!!! (The !!! are for you, Sarah.)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Uptown Alive

"April 23:4th Friday Season Kick-off: Uptown Alive, 6-9pm, Historic Uptown Westerville. Everyone is invited to this family-friendly community event! Experience the unique atmosphere of Uptown, with all its quaint shops, art galleries, restaurants, ice cream parlors and charming architecture. Enjoy live music, food, children's activities, street vendors, special displays and extended hours in the Uptown shops."

Jan and I have signed up to share an 8-foot table at this street festival. We will be "street vendors." The event is held every fourth Friday evening from April to September. I'm working on little things--ornaments, coffee cozies, pop can cozies, etc. that will be inexpensive. I'll take some of the things from my Etsy store that have not sold well--like my monsters. Probably put a lower price on them to see what the live customer thinks. Since it is six months in a row, I plan to adjust my things according to what sells, and add things like mittens and hats in Aug and Sept.

If anyone has advice, let me know. This is a brand new adventure for me. Mostly I think Jen and I will just have a good time! Dave is excited. He has done so many computer shows and education shows--I've done a few with him--and he loves interacting with passing crowds. If I have trouble selling, I may have to hire him to come help me.

Grandma's Buttons

Jen gave me a whole box full of her Grandma's buttons. I made her this piece. It may turn into a wall hanging, it may be part of a pillow. I'm going to ask for her input before I finish it. I'm thinking maybe even a frame.

I don't know much about old buttons, but these are old!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Something New. Wool Longies.

I'm not showing the inside. It isn't pretty. But for my second and
third attempts, pretty good.

I may be giving up on baby shoes. Too little and detailed for me. I
like my rug because it is, by definition, rustic.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring

Happy first day of spring, which is also our wedding anniversary. Seventeen years. We agreed this morning that not much has turned out as we thought it would. I hardly recognize the two thirty somethings in our wedding photos. Though we were older than most when we married, I look back and think we were very young when we started this adventure together.

Bless his dear, dear heart Dave said that on that day long ago he expected to be married to me after seventeen years!

I'm a lucky woman to have such a great man by my side.

I spent the afternoon taking care of the (big) branches of crab apple that broke under the weight of all that snow a few months ago. Hard to imagine snow today. It is warm and sunny and absolutely beautiful.

We are going out to dinner tonight--somewhere we can watch basketball. Doesn't that sound romantic???

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rug Chapter Four

I want to take another photo--because it looks better. I've added four rounds since the last photo. I'm not doing it. I want to do about four more before I share. I will tease you and say that the bigger it gets the better it looks. The random pattern is more balanced as it grows.

I've tried to get a handle on how long it takes to do this. I spent about 2.5 hours this morning lacing the four new rounds. Probably 2.5 yesterday braiding, and a couple hours tearing and sewing the strips to prepare last week. So--a total of 7 hours for 4 rounds on a 2.5 by 5.5 rug. The time investment is well worth it for me, 'cause I'm doing it for myself. Like a true handmade quilt. Not worth it for money, but sometimes time ISN'T money. Sometimes creative time is just that--creative time.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rug. Chapter three.

A random pattern instead of the stripes of most braided rugs. I want
this one to be big. I hope I can make it lie flat on the floor. That
is the trickiest part of rug braiding for me.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Found at Goodwill

Yesterday while looking for rug wool at the end of winter sale at
Goodwill I found all of this fabric. Perfect for quilting. All solid.
Guess how much I paid?? Does any one want it? I'm not really
quilting right now.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Third time's a charm

This is the third pair of slippers I've made for myself in the last three months. The first pair was way too big. I made them with a Martha Stewart pattern, and never finished the second slipper.

The second pair was a different pattern, I forget where it came from. They were okay, but I stitched them by hand because the wool was VERY think. Also, bottoms were slippery. The stitching didn't hold up and then the dog chewed one to bits.

Finally, using the Martha Stewart pattern but in a smaller size, using Resweater's tip to add a bit of stretchy ribbing to the top (click here to see her instructions), and using a layer of reclaimed suede on the bottom, I have a pair of slippers I will try not to let the dog get into her mouth. The orange suede is kindof ugly, but?? Who cares.

I'll try some child sized slippers with this pattern next.