Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring

Happy first day of spring, which is also our wedding anniversary. Seventeen years. We agreed this morning that not much has turned out as we thought it would. I hardly recognize the two thirty somethings in our wedding photos. Though we were older than most when we married, I look back and think we were very young when we started this adventure together.

Bless his dear, dear heart Dave said that on that day long ago he expected to be married to me after seventeen years!

I'm a lucky woman to have such a great man by my side.

I spent the afternoon taking care of the (big) branches of crab apple that broke under the weight of all that snow a few months ago. Hard to imagine snow today. It is warm and sunny and absolutely beautiful.

We are going out to dinner tonight--somewhere we can watch basketball. Doesn't that sound romantic???

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Resweater said...

Happy Anniversary!