Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Uptown Alive

"April 23:4th Friday Season Kick-off: Uptown Alive, 6-9pm, Historic Uptown Westerville. Everyone is invited to this family-friendly community event! Experience the unique atmosphere of Uptown, with all its quaint shops, art galleries, restaurants, ice cream parlors and charming architecture. Enjoy live music, food, children's activities, street vendors, special displays and extended hours in the Uptown shops."

Jan and I have signed up to share an 8-foot table at this street festival. We will be "street vendors." The event is held every fourth Friday evening from April to September. I'm working on little things--ornaments, coffee cozies, pop can cozies, etc. that will be inexpensive. I'll take some of the things from my Etsy store that have not sold well--like my monsters. Probably put a lower price on them to see what the live customer thinks. Since it is six months in a row, I plan to adjust my things according to what sells, and add things like mittens and hats in Aug and Sept.

If anyone has advice, let me know. This is a brand new adventure for me. Mostly I think Jen and I will just have a good time! Dave is excited. He has done so many computer shows and education shows--I've done a few with him--and he loves interacting with passing crowds. If I have trouble selling, I may have to hire him to come help me.

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Jennifer said...

uncle David is not hanging out with us, is he? LOL :)