Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Third time's a charm

This is the third pair of slippers I've made for myself in the last three months. The first pair was way too big. I made them with a Martha Stewart pattern, and never finished the second slipper.

The second pair was a different pattern, I forget where it came from. They were okay, but I stitched them by hand because the wool was VERY think. Also, bottoms were slippery. The stitching didn't hold up and then the dog chewed one to bits.

Finally, using the Martha Stewart pattern but in a smaller size, using Resweater's tip to add a bit of stretchy ribbing to the top (click here to see her instructions), and using a layer of reclaimed suede on the bottom, I have a pair of slippers I will try not to let the dog get into her mouth. The orange suede is kindof ugly, but?? Who cares.

I'll try some child sized slippers with this pattern next.

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Resweater said...

They look great!