Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Last Day at Mom's

I'm feeling a bit sad to leave. It has been so nice to have the time to rest and relax here. I feel completely isolated from my "real" life here.

I talked with Alex on the phone today. He was chatty for Alex. He is enjoying gymnastics camp-they are planning to paint today and wondered what shirt he should wear. I'm glad I'm still useful from afar! I tried to talk to Joseph, but he isn't very patient with the phone. So, I asked him to say MaMa and I got to hear his voice. I need a big Joseph hug. Tomorrow! Grandma told me everything they had eaten for dinner all week--it is clear they are eating better without me than with me!

I've met all my modest goals. I have a several new jackets for work--and a new skirt. I have much softer feet. Who knew soaking just a few days would make a big difference. And I've typed some new recipies out of mom's cookbooks.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Great news!!!

No Cancer, it was a goiter!!!

We are all very happy here.

I'm sure Dave and the boys are stressed, since I'm gone for a few more days, but--my reservations were made without all the information!

Dave called today for advice on how to make the TV remote work right. Last night he called to find coffee filters for grandma. I'm glad he misses me for all the right reasons.

Monday, July 23, 2007

And again, I try to get back to blogging

Since the last post I've started my new job. I can't believe how busy the days at work are as I try to get oriented to my new responsibilites. I've had three full weeks. My books are unpacked, but I've not put any pictures on the walls to make it feel like my office just yet. I've put out most of the fires that were waiting for me. My immediate boss was out of town for a week starting my second day, but I handled the problems that came up in her absence. One of my colleagues noted that I had two computers on my desk and an illegible signature so I was surely "going places."

I have time to blog today because I'm at Mother's house. I flew in on Friday for her surgery. Not knowing what to expect I took a full week off work. (With the blessing of my boss, thankfully, and Dave's blessing also. Grandma Helen is staying with Dave and the boys all week to help him!)

Mother came through the surgery like an ablolute trooper! Now we wait for the pathology report and pray for good news. She spent two nights in the hospital and came home yesterday. She was up early, fixing her own coffee, dressing herself, and in general acting like nothing happened. I can hardly believe they took a 5 cm tumor out of her neck on Friday!!!

I'm feeling a bit guilty about staying here 'till Thursday. She doesn't really need me, and I have so much to do at home. I guess the forced time to slow down is important for my soul. My goals for the week? Shop for some new clothes to wear to work. Soak my feet every night and try to eliminate the callouses with daily pumicing. (Too much information???) Look for new recipies online--Mostly on Sarah's blog. Keep up with work email and other work i brought. Oh, and take care of Mom. Okay, I guess I'll be busy enough here, and I don't need to fret!!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'm sort of back

I can't believe it has been a month since I blogged. But it has been a busy busy busy time.

Updates-We are moved. We are not completely unpacked, but it is getting close. The move was a nightmare. The house is beautiful--my dream come true. So, the nightmare was worth it. I'm still married, but there were a few rough spots. We met three new neighbors all within a grade of Alex. He is feeling better about the new house now. I started the new job on Monday. I've a lot to learn. I miss my old neighbors. No one is even looking at the old house--so the money drain will be wide open in our lives for awhile. Oh well, can't take it with you and we don't have time to spend it. Have I mentioned the woods in the back of the new house? Joseph has been fine. He has adjusted better than any of us.