Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rug Chapter Four

I want to take another photo--because it looks better. I've added four rounds since the last photo. I'm not doing it. I want to do about four more before I share. I will tease you and say that the bigger it gets the better it looks. The random pattern is more balanced as it grows.

I've tried to get a handle on how long it takes to do this. I spent about 2.5 hours this morning lacing the four new rounds. Probably 2.5 yesterday braiding, and a couple hours tearing and sewing the strips to prepare last week. So--a total of 7 hours for 4 rounds on a 2.5 by 5.5 rug. The time investment is well worth it for me, 'cause I'm doing it for myself. Like a true handmade quilt. Not worth it for money, but sometimes time ISN'T money. Sometimes creative time is just that--creative time.

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