Friday, September 11, 2009

Thrifty or Cheap

I get such charge out of saving a few dollars... I think I'm thrifty, but maybe I'm just plain cheap.

Macy's has their coupon sale today and tomorrow. 10 off 25. You are only supposed to use one coupon per person, but I used seven today. Yep, I spent about 120 at Macy's today, but I saved 70!!! I never tried to use more than two coupons at one time, and the clerks were all happy to split my purchases into two transactions.

I bought stuff I wanted, and a few things I needed. Everything I bought was already on sale, some was already on clearance. It was all at least 30% off, and then my coupons took almost 40% off that.

My best deal? Some fiesta plates, retail 17, clearance price 11, final price 4.59 after 40% off clearance and my coupon.

I was happy to see someone else in line ahead of me buy a big item, that didn't quite add up to the 25 needed to use the coupon but she was also buying a single washcloth. a useful item, but obviously purchased only to make the order total over 25 so she could use the coupon. A woman that thinks like I do.

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hillary said...

saw a target ad calling bargain hunters "freugalistas" i think that you are a talented freugalista!!!