Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cookie Exchange

My neighborhood book club is having its annual cookie exchange party next Tuesday. I need to decide what kind of cookies to make! I could do the Walnut cookies on Sarah's blog, but I'm worried about decorating them. I guess I could just do a spiral of white chocolate on each... I don't think I can make a snowflake. I could make 7 layer bars. I make a variation with oatmeal instead of coconut since my husband is sure coconut will kill him. I could make my peanut butter bars with chocolate topping, or gingerbread boys. Or, I could make Hugarian Kifli. These are Dave's favorite. I've worked hard for 13 years to perfect my technique and to make good Kifli. You start with a very simple, rich dough, with yeast in it, but you don't let it rise (??). You roll them very very thin on a sugar covered board. Cut into small squares, fill with walnut/egg white mixture, and form into crescent shapes. Kifli means crescent in Hungarian. The cookies puff a bit while they bake, and you roll them in powdered sugar when they are hot. I guess for the Crescent Drive book club, I really SHOULD make Kifli. Dave may complain if I give away 4 dozen Kifli. Maybe I'll just need to make two batches...

Maybe instead of actually baking cookies this year, I'll just think about all the different types of cookies I could bake! I do need to bake at least four dozen for the cookie exchange, and I need suggestions about what to make. What would you like to get? A familiar cookie, or something new?

Also, I've always done cookies in a jar for teacher gifts. I'm getting a bit tired of the same old thing. But I don't have any good ideas. I need a lot of teacher gifts since Joseph works with 4-8 at school and 5 at home, plus a bus driver. Alex works with 3-6 at school and an OT outside school. The higher numbers at school would be if I included the music teacher, art teacher, gym teacher, etc. I ususally don't. Any ideas?


Sarah said...

Decorating the walnut snowflakes isn't hard - I don't make snowflake designs either. I put the melted chocolate into a ziploc bag and cut a little tip and then make stars and swirlies and polka dots, etc.

I wouldn't take Dave's fav to the exchange and I think it's a good time to try something new. I am having my cookie exchange on Saturday -2 dozen people at my house!!! Be looking on my blog for recipes of all I made.

Have you had the oreo truffles? You take a package of oreos and crush them, mix a package of softened cream cheese with them, roll the mixture into small balls and dip the balls in melted white or semi sweet chocolate. I did half of each and then zig zagged the other color of chocolate on top. They are REALLY, REALLY good and look pretty - those would be a great one to take as well.

The cookie mix in a jar is a good gift but I can see why you're tired of it. Honestly, one of my favorite teacher gifts was a Christmas cup (instead of a mug) filled with pencils, pens, post its and chocolates. Talk about useful and cute!!!

Aunt Lora said...

Sarah, What kind of a cup?

Norma said...

I'm so glad I don't do this anymore--especially since I'm trying to lose weight. Then someone sent me an e-mail recipe exchange, and although I usually don't do anything that looks, sounds or smells like a chain letter, I added my name to the list and sent off one recipe. I think I was supposed to get a bazillion recipes by now, but haven't received even one.

Or maybe it was that squash lasagne.