Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Longaberger Baskets

I'm having a Longaberger basket party. Locals, watch for your invitation. Line up your excuses. It will be Monday January 29, 7-10 P.M. I'm planning an open house, not a presentation at a specific time. Out of town readers, check the Longaberger web site, http://www.longaberger.com/ and email or call with your purchase requests! I'm doing the party in January because all the basket sets are on sale, 20% off, and all the baskets alone are on sale, about 10%.

Why do I love these baskets? I don't know. They are expensive, obscenely so, but made locally by workers that get a living wage. I love a bargain, but maybe some of the bargains I so enjoy are made possible because the people working in other parts of the world are not making a decent living. Okay, I can't believe I'm managing to make buying Longaberger baskets a ethical issue... I should go to the local MCC store and buy baskets if I want to be politically correct...

ANYWAY, I love Longaberger baskets, I love the new dark stains, and I want a new Picnic basket. My old picnic basket, not a Longaberger, was stolen out of our church basement!!! (Full of cookies at the time--so the thief got a real treat.)

Rather than just order the basket, I decided to have a party. I've never had a real party at my house. I've had one "catalog party" about five years ago, and I've ordered and bought many baskets, but this time, I'm doing the party thing. It should be fun.

I think I like the idea that baskets will make me more organized. In reality they just provide cover for my clutter. They enable me to be more disorganized but look all tidy.

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Sarah said...

Lucky you hosting a Longaberger party! I have so many baskets and the only ones I want are the big and extremely expensive ones. So unless some money unexpectedly lands in my lap I am going to have to pass this time...I have cut these out since I stopped working! Which ones are you hoping to buy???