Friday, November 07, 2008

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I know you can just click on "My Autistic Boy and other Adventures in Fatherhood" at left if you are interested--but this post is so good--I want to be sure you read it. This is the kind of thing that happens at Joseph's school. Not everyday--but it happens, and it is why we are so happy with the school.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kids At School
I drove by a school with a colleague today. She drove. I was looking out the window. The kids were playing all the games you expect of 10-12 yr. olds. In one corner was a boy off by himself about 10 yards from the crowd.

As the colleague was talking I watched him. His tick was small but telling. He was taking his left hand and wagging it back and forth like he was waving at the ground. It looked like with his right hand he was pressing his forefinger into his thumb.

He was mumbling to himself. He was skinny, a mop of semi curly brownish-blonde hair. He was doing 'tv talk', talking to himself.

Of course you see Demetrius juxta-posed. You can't help but to.

I shook my head like I was paying attention. I didn't want to look like I was being rude. Another boy ran over. Making fun? What would his body language show to me 30-50 yards away at at a stop light.

He grabs the autistic boy's hand. Pulls him over. And they throw the ball to him. He pays enough attention to make a bumbling catch. He lifts the ball over his head. They clap. He throws it back to a different boy. And he steps away and starts wagging the hand again.

Repeat, pull him back into the group.

Behind my sunglasses I tear up a bit. Not the right place and time to get really sentimental and misty about what I just saw.

But the sun did shine a bit brighter, it seemed to me, on a beautiful, crystal clear day in the Southeast.
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