Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Three deadlines done

I've had three extra projects for work in the month of January. A deadline on Jan. 9, a deadline on Jan 23, and a deadline on Jan 30. Each took about 2 or 3 full days to complete. Ah. The last is done. I emailed the finished product just a few minutes ago. Now, I have no special projects--just the routine work of my normal teaching. If you figure I kept up with that routine work, while I spent about 8 full days doing other stuff in January, you will come to the same conclusion as I have. During February, I will have a bit of time to spend of fun projects. I worked extra during January, so I'll be able to do some fun stuff, just for me and the house and the family during February. Ah, one of the things I love about the academic life. When the scheduling works out, you can score some unstructured time.

What is on my list?

For ME!!!

1. Knitting and crocheting miniature animals using inspiration and patterns I've found on etsy.
2. Organizing the sewing room/guest room.
3. Cleaning!!!

For the FAMILY

1. Keeping on top of Joseph's therapy stuff.
2. Working with Alex more at home on reading and other school stuff.
3. Cooking decent meals.

For the HOUSE

1. Cleaning See ME 3.
2. Organizing the sewing room/guest room. See ME 2.
3. Making curtains for our bedroom, and maybe for the boys' room. Alex has cut the strings on the pleated shades, so we can't lower them any more. Hence, no way to get privacy. We don't need it. There is no one out there looking in, but... It would be nice to close shade or curtains on a cold night.


1. Start on a stack of reading... A big stack of reading... maybe this will happen in March. Maybe I'll give myself the rest of the month of February to do the things outlined above...

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