Sunday, May 03, 2009

Wow, a month gone

I'm amazed--simply amazed at how fast time can fly.

Since the last post about being incredibly tired from lack of iron, I've been sick for 2.5 weeks. Fever for 5 days, sore throat for two weeks, and an abscess behind my tonsil. Three visits to the Dr., three scripts, and I'm feeling better. Another follow up visit to Dr. to discuss if I need to have my tonsils out... Hmmm... I read that impaired immunity is part of iron deficiency. Guess I'll keep taking those Iron supplements and cooking in my iron skillet. Even though I was the sickest, 3 of the 4 of us have had fevers in the past three weeks. Joseph is the only one that has escaped with just a cold... And I'm the only one that had two separate episodes of fever. Through it all I only missed two teaching days. I thought that was pretty good. I still feel way behind in both my classes.

I have pictures to upload of cute boys, but it will have to be later.

My friend with cancer is doing okay. Keep her in your prayers. 2 chemo treatments done. 10 to go. She has been pretty sick and they are adjusting the amount of drug they give her each time. She sounds strong over the phone, and her friends have all rallied. She is, however, single. I think this is the first time in her life that she has really been through something that would just be easier if there was someone else there each and every day that could take care of some of the details. Like I said, she has many, many good friends that have come from far and near to care for her. Really to return the favor of the great care she has given us over the years--but it is different. Actually, maybe in some ways it is better. There is no caregiver fatigue. We each take a turn and she has our full attention and devotion while we are there. I might be up a creek if I had to rely solely on Dave to get me through something like that.... and I've not nurtured friends like I could or should have over the past few years. (For all the many obvious reasons!!!!) So I guess, it is okay either way. It balances.

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