Thursday, June 04, 2009

Excerpt from Adoption blog

I found this in another blog: Be sure to read the response at the end. It is so nice to hear the words of an adopted child that struggled and behaved badly, but who sounds like she is doing well now.

I am seeing a behavior pattern in one of my children lately that is really hard to figure out...

I'm sure when you have more than one child, that at least one of them will be an instigator. The child who pushes everyone's buttons just to see them yell. Everyone can be getting along well and when the instigator shows up the room is quickly full of yelling and complaining. This is one of my kids right now. Every room she walks into, every situation she is in, game she plays or chore she does ends with yelling or hitting or a fit. She is so touchy and sensitive to touch, pain, words and actions, yet she loves to hit others, yell at other, roll her eyes and have screaming fits when anyone else does remotely the same treatment to her. I'm having a hard time having compassion for her right now, as I'm exhausted from this day to day craziness.

When I step away from the situation I can see how hard she is trying. She tries to be helpful, but ends up being in someone else's way, or messing up something or doing the right thing at the wrong time.

The other night I was relaxing at my parent's house and just watched her play. She is so full of life and down right funny. Other parents and her teachers often go on and on about how great she is doing. I sometimes wonder if she works so hard to behave at school that when she is home she cannot handle anything more.

I understand your plight. I am an adult adoptee. Sounds like me when i was younger. ... Thank you for adopting an older child. :-) It takes a world of patience... I know it was not easy for my MOM now that i am older and a parent myself.

One day at a time. Possitive encouragement.

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