Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Felted Hat

My second felted project is a hat. A different sweater, with beautiful cables. It felted better than the first one, and I couldn't bear to cut up the cables. It would not have made nice birds... But it made a great hat. Not ready for primetime, but very, very warm. It fits Joseph perfectly. I have the back of the vest to make a second hat for Alex. The boys don't often wear hats, they prefer the hoods on their jackets, and it just doesn't get that cold that often here. However, I may borrow this hat to walk the dog on cold nights. I may fuss to make the shape a bit better, or I may just let it be kind of "rustic."

I made a few more birds--I copied the pattern at 80% to make a smaller version, and I really like that one. I'll keep you posted and post a photo of the whole flock when I am all done.

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Resweater said...

I like the shape of it... it looks like a ski hat that way. Yours turned out much better than the one I made for my son the other day.