Saturday, November 18, 2006

Life with Joseph

I baked yesterday as planned. Peanut butter bars with melted chocolate on top, and Sarah's pumpkin brownies. Wow. Sarah's Pumpkin Brownies are great. You don't miss the fat content at all. (I put 1 cup chocolate chips in them...) Check her blog for recipe.

The point of this blog is to vent, yet again, about life with Joseph. His latest obsession is the kitchen timer. The ticking sound must bother him, or he is attracted to the bell, or ??? With J-Bear, who knows. Bottom line, he finds the timer and turns it off. That is not a big deal, except I have a hard enough time getting baked goods out of the oven without burning them--I often forget to set the timer--so when Joseph HELPS me by turning the timer off.... Well, let's just say it is a miricle I had decent baked goods to take to book club last night...

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