Monday, November 20, 2006

Thanksgiving Plans

We are staying home and entertaining Dave's family for Thanksgiving this year. We should be 16 for dinner. Luckily others are helping with the food-- I'm making Turkey, gravy, meatballs, Mac and Cheese (maybe), sweet potatoes, dressing, maybe fruit salad and maybe cookies. Others are bringing jello, bread, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, and pies. What a FEAST! We could do without all my maybe dishes, but I think the children attending would be happy for mac and cheese. I'll probably skip the fruit salad and cookies. I do the meatballs in the crock pot. I do the turkey on Wed., slice it off the bone cold and reheat it in broth. That makes it easier to be sure meat is cooked, it stays juicier when it is sliced cold, and then I can have the mess out of the house before any guests arrive. It means there isn't a beautiful bird for the table, but mine never looks that nice anyway.

My goal for the day is to relax and not worry if everything is perfect or not. My goal for the weekend is to RELAX!!


Sarah said...

Sounds very fun. What delicious food! I am contemplating doing the same thing with my turkey. Who really brings a gorgeous bird to the table and can then slice it without kids getting impatient and it making a big old mess???

Sarah said...

Oh, and how did you get the picture of the turkey on your blog?

meowmama said...

we are having thanksgiving at our place too. i am just getting my list together so i can head to the store and get last minute things. two things i am making that i haven't made before are. . . . brussel sprouts viniagrette and sweet potato carrot puree. you have inspired me to possibly post my thanksgiving menu.

oh and what kind of cookies are you thinking of making? monster cookies with thanksgiving m&m's would be delightful!