Friday, November 24, 2006


I'm heading out with Macy's coupons. $10 off $25 purchase. I'm planning to buy a wedding present for Trish and undies for myself. Maybe socks or stockings for presents or for myself. If the crowds are not too large, I'll look at clothes and shoes for myself. All this in just a few hours. I'll update you when I return. Probably the crowds will be too big to get much done.

Oh, and I should add, our Thanksgiving dinner was very nice. Everyone seemed relaxed and the food was great. I wasn't responsible for all of it, but I didn't feel like a domestic disaster at all yesterday. I made up a sweet potato recipe combining two different recipes from the newspaper--butter, brown sugar, oj concentrate, and ginger over just barely cooked sweet potato chunks, baked iin the oven for an hour or so.

I tried something different yesterday. I love crock pots, because you can get stuff done early and leave it. So, I used the regular oven like a crock pot. Instead of 350, I set it at 275, and left the stuffing, sweet potatoes, mac and cheese in the oven for almost 2 hours... I had to take the mac and cheese out early, but I didn't care if it cooled off, 'cause it was really for the kids. That way I could put everything in the oven and then clean the kitchen and take a shower before guests arrived. I was much more relaxed than usual for a big meal. (It helped that others were bringing the rest of the meal...

Holly, if you are reading, the new napkins made the table look beautiful. I've lost my camera or I would post a picture. We are missing all of you very much this holiday season!


Sarah said...

I wish I could be there to go with you! I love Macy's and a good bargain, but I don't really enjoy the big crowds. It shows me I'm not the huge shopping lover that I think I am compared to others...

Anonymous said...

Excuse me... what happened to drinking coffee in your pj's?
Wish I could have gone with you today. I did go to a couple of stores, but not near the mall!! I missed a chance to get a DVD of The Sound of Music for $5. They were sold out. Don't want one really badly, but for that price I thought maybe I'd want to watch it in my dotage...maybe with my sister, or a grandchild who wants to know what the first movie Grandma ever saw was - and to know that I was 11! and that we got dressed up and drove 30 miles to see it!
Anyway, I did pick up a few bargains, and the stores I went to weren't crowded.
Glad your dinner worked out well! Doesn't sound at all like a "domestic disaster" to be taking a shower while your food is baking in your clean kitchen! Come on! you have a reputation to uphold...oh, you say you've lost your camera, there's the Lora we all know and love. :)

Aunt Lora said...

HI Sis!

I did stay in my PJs drinking coffee until 10 am... Then I shopped.

We can watch Sound of Music on my VCR in our dotage.