Sunday, August 26, 2007

Yes, I'm busy

I just talked with my sister, and she says she has been checking my blog!!! I'm sorry she never finds any news.

The new job has a steep learning curve. I've not made any huge mistakes, yet. Well, one kinda big mistake, but others could fix it.

The boys start school tomorrow.

The new school hired an interpreter for Joseph. Seems their attitude is "let's assume he is capable, and give him what he needs to succeed." I'm terrified--nervous--anxious--but very hopeful--excited--pleased. All at the same time.

Alex's teacher is young and energetic. His new tutor seems great also.

I continue to think that if half of what looks great at this school turns out to be good, we will be WAY AHEAD of last year. The move will be worth it.

Speaking of worth and moves. We are still the proud owners of two homes. Luckily, we are too busy to do anything but give our money to the banks. If we had time for recreational activities that cost money, we might be feeling distresses. As it is, the news about the housing industry is not good. The realtor keeps telling us to update the cosmetics of the old house. Yea--I have trouble finding time to shower. I'm not going to find time to strip wallpaper. And there just isn't money in the budget to pay someone to do it. So... We will hang onto our real estate investment, hope the market improves, and be patient.


Norma said...

"I have trouble finding time to shower. I'm not going to find time to strip wallpaper."

Great line. Glad to see your sense of humor is still in tact.

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