Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Catching up

Just in case anyone ever checks up on me anymore.

IEPs tomorrow at the new school. So far, so good. Same boys, basically even the same services. The difference is this school goes out of the way to make us feel as if we are doing okay. They are positive. They don't start every conversation with a list of the things that are wrong. If they do have a problem to tell us about, they tell us how they plan to address the problem.

Closing on the old house is Oct. 26th. I'm feeling pretty lucky that we found a buyer.

Last Friday did not count as a good day because I went to the ER. I fell at work and broke a small bone in my foot. Not terrible, just annoying. I'm tired of limping already, and it will be 5-7 more weeks.

My niece had a baby with a cleft lip. I find myself bothered by it more than I'd expect. (Our Joseph had a cleft lip and palate.) I guess I know too much--I know that it is hard to put a baby through surgery--I know it is hard to have people stare when you take your baby out. I know none of that is important, but it is still hard... I just wrote to my brother that although the important stuff is all okay, the unimportant stuff is still hard. Can't wait to see a picture! They said it was a small cleft--I hope so!

There are the cliff notes on our lives!


Norma said...

Glad you found a buyer and that the new schools relationships are working out. Hope to see you for book club in November

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