Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm back

Well--I loved my new administrative job for the first 10 months. Then the director resigned. I was the "Associate Director." The man they chose to replace the director as a two-year interim director is not a nice man. He gave me endless grief--He was condescending, distrustful, demanding, and downright deceitful. So, I resigned. So, now I'm back to my 9 month teaching position. Thank goodness for tenure. Looking forward to a year with no committee or service responsibilities. Trying to get geared up for some academic research after my brief hiatus in adminitrivia.

I suspect that my tolerance for BS has been lowered by my children. I suspect that ten years ago I might have tried to "tough it out" "make it work" "get through it." But today, given life at home, I don't have the patience for childish behavior in the workplace. I deal with enough of it at home.

I'm sad. Like I say, I loved that job. Dave summarized the situation very well. He says I'm task oriented. I get the job done. But, I'm not able to deal with home stress and do the work, if I have to put up with "people related work stress."

So, one thing I missed over the past year was my blog.

I'll try to start up my blogging habit again--perhaps that will make me less sad.

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hillary said...

Oh goodie. I've been thinking about you and enjoyed reading your blog a while back. I know how it is to go back and forth between having the time and taking the effort to blog. I've found it's so good for me. . . . . so good luck in your second time around. I'll put a link to your blog in my sidebar:)