Sunday, July 13, 2008

Alex's 10th Birthday

I made a big effort this year to make Alex's birthday special. I found a lot of things at target he liked (which is not hard to do!).

I went through the store looking for things Alex would want, not things I want him to want, or that I want him to have. There is a big difference between those two sets of things. It is hard for me to let Alex be Alex. I want him to be something he just isn't. I think I put more pressure on Alex because I know Joseph is Joseph, no matter what. I need to let Alex be Alex as well. Mommy lessons are hard.

Because I'm not working full time this summer (see previous blog entry) I was able to put together a birthday party for Alex. We invited both family and friends--10 kids and various adults-- I think it went well. Alex was pretty wound up, and had a few times when he had to run off to his room to have a short tantrum. But, all things considered, he did well. He was disappointed at the last minute when two of the neighbor boys couldn't come to the party, but as soon as other kids started to arrive he was fine. Dave arranged the big surprise of the day--a visit from Brutus Buckeye! Alex was very excited, as were most of the adults! I think the adults may have been even a bit more thrilled with the chance to meet Brutus than the kids. Even Grandma wanted her photo taken with Brutus.

The photos of grandma are too funny!

Everyone had a great time even though it was hot, humid, and rained on and off all day! We somehow managed the party between storms.

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Jennifer said...

Aunt Lora what kind of look is on grandma's face?