Monday, July 21, 2008


I need to blog about a variety of topics:

The hellish past 24 hours:
Both Alex and Joseph have acted out and made the past day one I both want to forget and want to remember. I want to forget because it hasn't been fun, but I want to remember so I have perspective--most of the rest of our days look pretty good when set side by side with the past 24.

The sweet notes Joseph brought home from school:
On the last day of school in June Joseph brought home a stack of notes written by his classmates in fourth grade. They will make you cry. I knew we had done the right thing when we moved, but this is the tangible, I can touch it and read it and scan it so you all can see it too proof that we did the right thing when we moved!

Jen's amazing gift:
Dave's niece Jen is being a surrogate mother for her sister's sister-in-law. Did you follow that? The story is on She is carrying twins and is now on bed rest for the next 7 to 9 weeks. She is giving a huge gift--and I know the parents to be are grateful.

So, look for these posts sometime. But not today.

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