Sunday, August 02, 2009

More Sheep! (at the State Fair)

The family had a great time Friday at the fair. We were on the fairgrounds for more than 7 hours. That is a great accomplishment for the boys--and for the parents. Joseph did great. He only ran away once or twice, and we were able to follow him easily. Of course he wouldn't leave the "lost kids" wrist band on his arm, so we had to be sure we didn't lose him!

We saw some real sheep. I should have taken Kate and Charlie to meet their bigger relatives. Also, I enjoyed the sheep with their cloaks on. I assume this is to keep a newly bathed sheep clean until it is showtime. I wonder if Kate and Charlie need capes?

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Eli said...

I love sheep. Perhaps as well as we are surrounded by them here. Thinking of sheep...the flutterby flock are on their way to visit Charlie and Kate!