Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hints for making your own patterns

I'm having so so so much fun making bunny rabbits. But I've learned an important lesson about making my own patterns. Start with a pattern for a bigger animal, and shrink it. I've been going the opposite direction. (Because I didn't want to waste fabric on a mistake. If you knew how much wool was in my house right now you would laugh at that!) The bigger animals are so much easier to make, and it is so much easier to figure out how the details should balance. Obviously other things are harder with bigger animals, like it is harder to get the ears to be firm enough so they don't flop around too much. But I like the floppy look, so some of that is okay. If I ever get the pattern "finished" and have the patience to take the step by step photos, I'll share it with instructions.

I like how both of my first bigger bunnies turned out, but I melted something onto the ear of the red and black one with the iron trying to perfect the ear shape. Whoops. The domestic disaster strikes just when I think I am safe.

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I♥thesecrazykids said...

They're so cute! My 6 year adores looking at your bunnies. Right now he went to make some with his "fabric" lol