Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Street Fair #2

Friday will be street fair #2 for Jen and me. I'm optimistic that it will rain here on Thursday, making the weather perfect on Friday.

I have my sign ready, and more owls (the only thing that sold last time). Since the owls sold well, I made birds, mice, and rabbits at the same price point for this month. The bigger rabbits I have on the blog may go to the fair also, but for more $. I can make them much faster than I can make a monster, so they will not be as expensive as the monsters. My goal is to double my total sales from last month. I was sick last month, and barely able to stay standing for the entire evening. I'm really looking forward to enjoying myself this time!

I'll take the monsters--they would be mad if I left them at home. I think the right person will go for a monster--but, so far that person has not visited the Etsy shop or the street fair. I'm not discouraged. I feel as if I'm just getting started in what may become my second career. (Dave is a bit worried that I'll get so ticked off at work that I'll just quit and live in thrift stores. I've promised I won't do that, but he may have reason to worry!)

I think I've worked out a new way to set up my table so that it looks less cluttered. I'm having a hard time editing my display, but I realize that I need to make it look good to get people to stop as they walk by.

Don't worry--you will have to read all about it again after it is over!

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