Saturday, July 31, 2010


I just ate the first corn from our garden.    Yes, it was at 10:00 AM on Saturday morning.  No, it wasn't a meal.  I picked the first two ears that looked like they might be ready, and couldn't wait until lunch time to eat them.  I also wanted that sweet, sweet taste of corn fresh from the garden.   Dave had a few bites, but he eats at mealtimes.  Corn at 1030 AM didn't appeal to him, no matter how fresh, no matter how sweet, no matter how delicious.  The boys weren't interested either.  Too bad.  More for me! 

The photo is from several weeks ago.  The corn patch in the garden isn't pretty, only about half the plants germinated, or survived my weeding.  I've worried that animals might steal the corn before I could get it, and they have eaten half of one ear, and trampled a few stalks.  (I suspect Bambi did it, but I have no proof. )

The taste of that fresh, fresh corn makes it all worth it.  Next year I'll plant twice as much!

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