Monday, July 26, 2010

A new Sheep

Remember last summer--the sheep from Flutterby Patch that took a journey around the world and stopped to visit here in Dublin?   I decided to try to create a sewn pattern, similar to the knit pattern from Flutterby Patch, to make with wool felt.  After all, I can hardly call my shop "Felted Woolies" if I don't make any felted woolies...

Photos are of the first prototype.  I know I want the head a bit bigger and the legs a bit shorter, but just a tad.  I also have a new idea about how to make the hooves look better.  I might have to add embroidered mouth and nose, especially for a lighter fabric.  The sweater that made this sheep's "jacket" is perfect for the job.  I may have to really look for others that have the right texture, or I'll have to knit jackets. 

I have some work to do to "perfect" the pattern...  Well, none of my patterns are ever perfect.   I like to think that is part of their charm.   But my sheep still needs some work.  I think there is great potential! 

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Flutterby Patch said...

Great little sheep. Love all the little cuties you have in your blog. Some great ideas. The quilt frame you found is amazing. In Britain we would call that a 'country piece' and it would date from the 1800s and be made by a perhaps a farmer for his wife to use. Very unsophisticated but a fantastic find all these years later. Well done.