Monday, July 19, 2010

My Favorite Phone App

You know I'm a geek.  You don't need proof.  But I found a free phone app that has knitting and crochet patterns!  How cool is that.  You are away from the computer and you want to try a new crochet flower, or get an idea for a baby gift... and you just search the Lion Brand yarn app.  The same patterns are all online, but they are also right here, in my pocket. 

I love technology.   Not that I'm using any yarn from anything except a thrifted sweater.

Cool things I made this week: 
  • A rug from a thrift store sofa throw.  I'd felted it once last winter, and it lost half its size, down to about 4 by 6.  I felted it again yesterday and it is now just about 3 by 4.  It must be at least a half inch of sold wool.  So wonderful.  A nice neutral yellowish tan.  Perfect to collect dirty, wet boots and shoes.    
  • A new pin cushion.  Basically a roll of wool felt with flowers and stuff pinned to the outside.  I love it.  It will be tinkered with over and over. 
  • Finally, a very cool bird.  Kind of a cockatoo with a fancy headdress and fancy tail feathers.  I was just feeling really creative and bored by the plain birds I've made in the past.  
Photos someday when I have the time.  I'm still challenged to get good photos taken for Etsy.  I love technology, but that doesn't mean I'm good at it.

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