Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A better day

We had a much better evening and morning. Since I complain so much about the stresses, I need to tell all of you that normally, the household runs smoothly. Alex wrote sentences without complaint last night. I let him make his spelling words with magnetic letters, and as soon as he would make the word, he would come up with a sentence, no fight, no fuss. Do you think he is a tactile learner???

We have a Joseph's monthly meeting this evening. Once a month the whole therapy teams meets with the behavior consultant. We go over all that we are doing in therapy, and we discuss problems, and what to work on next. Always useful, always helpful, always stressful. I usually need to spend an entire day after the meeting putting the therapy materials in order, typing up notes from the meeting, making changes in the paperwork we use to conduct therapy. I may need to hire a "lead therapist" to do some of that work next year... I just don't think I'll be able to keep up.


meowmama said...

Hello - it's been a while since I commented. I've been off the blog scene lately so I just got caught up on yours. I don't think you are complaining to talk about the current events of your life and although there are difficult times each day it sounds like there are often breakthroughs for you and your family (like the magnetic letters). I find myself being short tempered when I don't take a break for myself so I hope you are remembering to care for yourself amidst the three boys you care for!

Aunt Lora said...

Hi Hillary!