Sunday, October 15, 2006

Funny Story About Cookies

My husband has always refused to eat anything that had peanut butter and chocolate in it. (What??? Is he crazy???) He will eat Resse PB cups, but no other combo of chocolate and peanut butter. Yesterday he came home as I was finishing a batch of Sarah's Monster cookies (YUM!!!) with Halloween M&Ms. In true DD style, I overbaked the last tray, but the rest were perfect. I forgot to set the timer for the last batch...

Anyway, that isn't the point. Dave asked if they had any peanut butter in them, and I was honest and said yes. Then I suggested he try just one. He whined about how he didn't like pb with choc and I became impatient and told him to just try one-- About an hour later he ate a cookie, and then got up to get a second one. He asked again if they had pb in them, so I lied and said "no." After he had eaten several, and told me how good they were I showed him the recipe... He didn't believe me, and said I must have left the peanut butter out.

How crazy! I want to just be exasperated with him--I've not made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for 14 years because he doesn't know that he likes them... He had a bad experience with a too-sweet buckeye candy years ago, and wouldn't try the combination ever again.

But, aren't we all like that. We let our previous experiences stop us trying things. We jump to conclusions. We misinterpret what others say. We think we know what the answer is before we hear the whole question. We assume.

So. Who knew?? Dave likes Monster Cookies! What do I like that I've never tried? Skydiving? Rap music? Scary movies?

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Anonymous said...

That is pretty funny. Too bad that it took 14 years for him to try the combo again!!! I'm glad the cookies turned out. I wonder what's out there that I'd really like....