Thursday, March 22, 2007

Back Home

I had a great visit with Mom. She is such a dear--starting to get lost in the past. I don't think it is dementia, I think it is more that she doesn't do very much anymore, so she sits and thinks about the past, and talks about the same things over and over. But she is a dear.

Joseph was a great traveller, and a great guest. He went right to sleep and slept well both nights. He stayed out of Mother's things, for the most part. He gave her sweet hugs and kisses. I forgot my camera, so none of it is captured for posterity. I will just have to remember.

Joseph did a funny thing the night before we left--I was on the phone after dinner. I noticed J get the cereal and milk, but it didn't really register in my brain. Soon thereafter J came up to me as I was still jabbering on the phone and sweetly signed "help." I signed "later" and didn't think anything of it. Next thing I knew, here comes J out of the kitchen, heading towards me in the family room--cereal box tucked under one arm with bowl and spoon clutched in his hand, the other hand is lugging a gallon jug of milk. If Mom won't get off the phone (or at least move to the kitchen since it is cordless) to help a boy pour a bowl of cereal, well the boy and the cereal and the milk will just have to come to Mom... He was too cute. Of course, no camera.

And speaking of funny, dear things. Mother goes downstairs every morning to get her paper as soon as she wakes up. And she gets the papers for everyone else on her floor and takes them back up and delivers them to everyones door. She says she has a new job as the paperboy.

Going home and coming home. Both are wonderful.


Sarah said...

Glad you and Joseph had a nice visit!

Jerry Grasso said...

I thought, for a moment, you were going to tell us that Joseph wanted to pack the milk and cereal for the trip!

Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I do have a children's book I'm trying to shop around...if you know of any agents or publishers....


Hillary said...

grandma is so lucky to have a visit from the two of you. i am sure she enjoyed all the joseph hugs and kisses! oh and the house looks very nice, i hope it works out for you.