Saturday, March 17, 2007


It is hard to balance my needs with my faimily's needs.

"A Mommy" wisely commented on my post about prejudice a week or so ago: "Think about the person you could be if you didn't have to worry about J or A's school, and felt like you had made a move that worked for them. What would you do with that energy?"

This has made is much easier for me to dive into the moving process feet first. I'm in love with yet another house--and have made a formal offer--I'll give details if we actually get the place.

I've ended up being selfish about the process--and I've put my needs first. If I don't like the house or the lot or the location, I move on. I didn't even think about if it would work for Joseph, Alex, or Dave. I'm figuring the schools are for the boys, the short commute is for Dave, the house is for me. Okay, I've thought a bit about how the layout works for everyone. It does. The house even has a separate Mother-in-law suite with it's own outside door that we could offer to a college student in exchange for before or after school care for the boys! (Yes, it would have to be just the right college student...)

Okay, those are details. I do hope we get the place...


mcewen said...

The right house / home is a toughy. My Dad was in the Royal Navy, so we moved frequently. I think from 'many' children's perspectives, 'home' is basically where mum, dad and the family are, everything else is just so much wallpaper - I hope.
Best wishes

a mommy said...

Yeah! Hope that you get the house. I think that you SHOULD get to put yourself first on that front. Good surroundings matter a great deal to me. The layout does have to work for the whole family, yes yes -- but it is ok to demand that it make you feel at home.

I'll keep my fingers crossed!