Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School 2008

In honor of the first day of school I am finally scanning and posting the very sweet notes Joseph brought home from school last spring.  We moved to find a better school situation for Joseph.  It was a big hassle.  We left neighbors we loved and a house we could easily have lived in for the rest of our lives.  This stack of notes, tucked into Joseph's bag on the last day of school says it all.  The move was worth it.  The new school has been much better than I'd ever hoped.  I can hardly read these notes without crying. The children in Joseph's class really appreciated him.  He was a bit of a class project, or you might even say a class pet, and that is okay with me.  These kids learned from him.  He has something to teach us all.  Every parent should also know that there are wonderful schools and wonderful teachers that know how to foster a good learning environment for every child.


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