Thursday, August 21, 2008

School Supplies

School starts next Monday.  Alex and I spent the morning organizing his new book bag and school supplies.  He has a rolling book bag for the first time and he is VERY excited.  It is so fun to line up all the new pencils, notebooks, folders, erasers, etc. etc.   Yet I know, realistically, all this stuff will be a big jumble of broken pencils, dried up markers, and lost erasers within a matter of what seems to me like minutes, but is probably weeks.  The positive???   For the first time ever Alex was able to read the list for me and help me figure out what we still need to buy.  We had two composition books and he needs six total.  How many will we need to buy???  Figuring that one out required some prompting, but eventually, he did it.  His brain works so differently than mine.  Numbers are not intuitive.   Another positive is we are trying a new medication.  Also, the medical doctor and the psychologist are going to talk next week.  I think we have finally made it clear to both of them that we need help--and that we have issues that go beyond learning disabilities and ADHD.  

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