Saturday, August 02, 2008


Well, I just woke up from a 10.5 hour night of sleep.  It is astonishing how differently I see the world when I am rested.  I've been deprived of enough sleep for the past month--year--decade--for a variety of reasons.    As part the "No, Alex is not ODD--Lora you need to take better care of yourself because you are starting to scare your child" prescription given at Alex's last visit to the psychologist, I've tried to figure out ways to protect my sleep a bit more.  That meant that I took a nap yesterday afternoon, and topped it off with sleeping in this Saturday morning.  Wow.  This is what a clear head feels like!  

The boys take their first plane ride tomorrow!  I'll send some photos from vacation, if I get a chance. 

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hillary said...

Sleep deprivation can do crazy things which can affect everyone around you. . . . I am glad you've decided to take care of yourself by getting more sleep.