Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Public Service Announcement

How to clean up the inside of a pull up after it has been torn apart by an angry child.

1. Let the bits dry for awhile. They will be easier for the child to pick up by hand or with a vacuum.

2. Do not rub with a cloth or walk on the bits before they dry.

3. If you do walk on the bits or rub into a table before they are dry, clean the residue off wood floors or tables with a weak vinegar/water solution.

I don't really feel like describing the incident that leads me to this knowledge. I don't want readers to feel sorry for me, or to think that my angry child is bad. He isn't bad. He is naughty. He is troubled. I wouldn't mind if my readers would say a prayer for that troubled child. And his parents.

Now back to the healing power of crochet.

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