Thursday, February 12, 2009

Three down --One to go

When we moved in, there were four big evergreen trees in the back, so we couldn't see the neighbor behind us at all. Two of these trees blew over last spring. Last night number three blew over. The fourth big tree is leaning, and the root ball is coming out of the ground, so it will have to be taken down. That leaves just two small evergreens, and they block our view of woods, not of the neighbor. Oh well. It is kind of nice to have the back opened up a bit. And the neighbors seem just fine. We can now really see their chicken coop. (Yes, our backdoor neighbors have chickens...)

Enjoy the photos. You can see the big tree that is still upright is listing towards the playset. The closeup of the ground under that tree shows the bulge of the root ball. When the wind blows you can see the root ball rising out of the ground. It is just a matter of time. When we get the one that is down taken out, we will just have the tree folks take this one down if it is still standing. No point in paying for two trips from the tree guys.

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