Thursday, December 31, 2009

My adventure with felt continues

It is getting pretty funny--because it is getting out of hand. No you may NOT see my sewing room. It is a true DD.

Here are my mittens. I've been wearing them everywhere. Alex and Joseph have some, too. Now Dave has asked for a pair. I've also been trying to perfect a pattern for an owl. My favorite is the one in the middle. Buttons are taken off the sweaters I've used for all these projects. The football shaped buttons are from a vintage sweater--a beautiful brown with a small green stripe and some delicate green embroidered leaves. I've not decided just what to do with that one... but the buttons are perfect for owl eyes.

Just let me know if you want mittens--or a hat--or an owl!

1 comment:

Resweater said...

Love them all! The owl in the middle is my favorite too :)