Friday, December 18, 2009

Six Hats and one Monster

and it is only a little past two in the afternoon. That is a pretty good days work for this elf. I reached the limit of what Mom's sewing machine can do with the last monster. Each one of these monsters broke at least one sewing machine needle. But, I now have four monsters all ready for gifting! Although they are pretty cute all together--it will be sad to see them separated. I'm NOT naming them before I give them away. I'm having a hard time picking which two will stay here with Joseph and Alex.

Two of the six hats will stay with us. The other four are gifts. The one in the front right and the one in the rear left of the photo have a piece of cashmere lining around the bottom. You can just see that on the photo of the hat in the front. It makes the hat very comfortable. The bright yellow one will be mine. The stripe one is for Dave.


Resweater said...

I love the zipper mouths :)

Anonymous said...

Love your monsters! and your cookies! You've been a busy bee!
Love, Sis