Thursday, January 07, 2010


I took the plunge and started an ETSY shop for my monsters. I'm not trying to make tons of money, and I will still make these for free for friends and family, but I'm having so much fun making them I'll have a houseful and no where to put them.

I'm also just curious to see if they will sell. I'll have to do some promotion to get people to the site. You can see that some ETSY sites have lots of things listed, but no one buys anything. I bet that happens more often than not. The folks that have a lot of sales must do some serious marketing--otherwise your stuff is the 500th item listed, and no one will ever find it.

So: Go to ETSY, Felted Woolies!


Jennifer said...

The mittens are wonderful! I went out to shovel and the only part of me that was warm was my hands. (can I put a request in for a coat???!!!)
Thank you, I love them!

PS I love your monster's! I think "Lauren" would like a happy one like the one on your website!

Anonymous said...

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