Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday fun with sweaters

I must be reading this blog too much-- She sells sweaters online, and goes "sweatering" every Sunday. Yesterday I thought I needed to go to the Goodwill to look for new potential felt. I already have more than enough, but wanted an outing. I've read many fun blog posts called "Sweater Sunday" at the above-mentioned blog. There may be brainwashing going on there!

I checked out a new Goodwill, a bit further from home than I normally go. Ten whole miles away. Alex did not want to go with me, so I had a few quiet hours to do with as I pleased. I was in the store for about 15 minutes before I saw the xeroxed sign posted to the end of a rack of sweaters. All sweaters .99. Today only. Well, it turns out the special had been running all week, but I've not seen one of these specials since I started this adventure with felt, so I've been paying 3.29 each for my sweaters. I had such a blast. A whole cart full, 32 in all. Some great cashmere, almost all 100% natural. Several that I plan to unravel to reclaim the yarn. Most will be felted. And two I'm going to wear. One, a cotton cardigan from Lands End, was washed this morning and is being worn right now. Another is 100% wool, hand knit, from Ann Taylor. I planned to unravel it for the yarn. A nice dark navy blue. But when I looked at it again this morning, I decided to try it on. It fit. Not perfectly, but well enough for around the house on a cold day. The size is marked S. Yes--those of you that know me will laugh. I've not worn anything marked S for a very long time. If the size was that far off on this poor sweater, no wonder it landed in the .99 sale.

It is fun to rescue these natural fibers from the shredder and the rope machine. I don't worry about an Acrylic sweater ending up as rope. I do hate to see beautiful wool end up as "fiber unknown" rope.

Instead it can become a new monster friend...


Resweater said...

He he he... sweatering is addictive, isn't it? Great haul! Where are the pictures? ;)

Thanks for the mention! :)

Sarah said...

Now this makes me smile. FINALLY you found some bargains at .99!! I'm so glad! Can't wait to see what they become. I bet your washing machine is busy today!

Anonymous said...
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