Thursday, January 14, 2010

Morna Crites-Moore

I found a fabric artist on Etsy and the internet that does BEAUTIFUL work with wool felt. I am so inspired by her things. She combines my old passion of quilting, with my new passion of wool felt. Here is the link:

I've wanted something to hang above our fireplace. I thought about an Amish-insipired wall quilt--even bought the fabric in the colors I wanted to use. But it just didn't sing to me. This woman's work sings to me. I still have to decide what pattern--I want to stay with a traditional Amish pattern--and then collect the sweaters and felt I'll need. I think I may not do the buttons. I hate to copy someone else's ideas--but I prefer to think of it as being INSPIRED by someone else's ideas.


Morna said...

Thank you so much for featuring my work on your blog. I am happy that you are inspired by it - have fun! I find that I am inspired by what I see - whether it is made by Mother Nature or some other artist, living or long dead. It is nearly impossible to truly copy someone else because my style and my "signature" get written all over it. As will yours. I love your Felted Woolies in your Etsy shop, too. Take a look at this entry from my blog - it was "inspired" by a wooden rattle but it looks totally like "me" as well as like the original. :-)

Morna said...

Also, I Love the name of your blog and the description at the top. Hilarious! And, word of advice, put the address of your blog on your Etsy page - either the main page, or the profile page, or both!
Best wishes,
Morna :-)