Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I'm not much of a blogger these days, am I.

Let's see, what is going on around here?

Closing was supposed to be today, but was changed till tomorrow because of paperwork problems.

Our tutors for Joseph have many personal issues, all of which are understandable and real, but we end up with unpredictable help. I'm really looking forward to sending him back to school. I've taken a boy to a meeting or class a few too many times this year.

Speaking of taking a boy to meetings. Alex went to work with me yesterday. He was suspended from school for one day after he was caught stealing a pencil from another child's desk. I can't get mad--I just think it is more of his "acting out," telling all of us that something is wrong when even he doesn't know exactly what it is... I suppose the positive spin is that if he works through some of his anger and fear and frustration at 8, maybe there will be less to work through at 18 when he won't be suspended from school, but thrown in jail. I tell myself over and over and over that raising this troubled boy is a work in progress, we do our best and we keep doing our best, and then we let go. (Let go and let God...) Keep Alex in your prayers for the next ten years!!! (And us, too!) We get results from the three year cycle of testing (basically IQ tests) today. I'm curious if this round will be consistent with the tests they did 3 years ago. Two data points are better than one.

The handy man finished the repair of the wall upstairs. Looks fabulous!!! Now, move some boxes once I have keys to the new house, and list this thing! Dave figures we can cover both houses for 6 months, no problem. I wish I had his easy-going attitude. I'm already in panic mode and we have not even closed on the new house!! We had a "final walk through" Sunday--and the new house is still beautiful. The trees have leaves now, but it doesn't feel closed in, just private, quiet, peaceful. Actually, this place is a bit too quiet this morning. 8:15 and everyone is still asleep. I'd better go get them moving!!

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Jerry Grasso said...

Suspended from school for taking a pencil? Wow.