Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Messiness is not all bad

I read a great article about being messy the other day. The gist was that some clutter is a good thing for children--helps them be creative. Also, we can find things faster if they are not "organized" because our filing schemes--like alphabetizing--are random and not intuitive.

I wish I had a camera in my office, 'cause the piles of junk on the floor are getting way out of control.

Meanwhile, I spend every possible moment at home packing, sorting, stacking, moving, and wondering if the green couch will really look okay with the new blue carpet, or will it bug me and I'll end up putting the green couch in the basement anyway so I might just as well have the movers put it there in the first place.

My dear friend Lynn Anne visited over the weekend. We moved kitchen things and started organizing the new kitchen--and then we sat on the screened porch. Just sat and looked at the trees and enjoyed the light breeze the ceiling fan on the porch makes. She wondered where Dave was going to take the children when she visited the next time. It is not that she doesn't love our children. She does. She treats them as if they were her nephews. But, she sees the value in sitting on the porch listening to the birds and not doing a blessed thing.

As you can see, even my thoughts are messy and disorganized these days!

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