Monday, May 21, 2007

Moving fun

Well, the estimate from the moving company has me hauling a few more boxes than I'd planned on my own.

I took Dave's mom out to the new house with Joseph and a load of boxes last week. Grandma loved the place. Joseph seemed to like it just fine. There is a loft off the master bedroom that overlooks the family room. I was in kitchen talking with Grandma Helen when I heard a thump, followed by another thump, as I walked into family room to investigate I was hit by flying shorts and underware, follwed by shirt. The thumps had been his shoes. Joseph was in the loft getting naked. He was pretty pleased to have a big stage on which to dance and frolic--knowing that the only way I could get to him to give him back his clothes was to go back through the house and up the stairs... He had a good 20-30 seconds to dance for the imaginary admirers below. Remind me to lock the door to the master when we have company lest this becomes a habit!

We saw two deer in the back yard that afternoon.

I was back over the weekend twice. My new exercise routine is to carry boxes up and down stairs. Perhaps after we are all moved in I keep a few boxes loaded up and ready to carry up and down.

Had an honest chat with the realtor over the weekend. I told her that I really could not keep the old house clean enough to show on a moments notice. She advised that we might just as well wait 'till we were out to list... Just don't think about the money. If I move a few more boxes the savings from the moving company will cover a week or two of extra mortgage payments...I hope!!!

Alex has requested that his new bedroom be blue. I think that is a fine idea and in uncharacteristic moment of generosity I said, sure. The room doesn't need paint, but it the boy wants it to be blue, he will get blue!

Anyone out there want to come over and carry some boxes? The mover mentioned that we have a lot of stuff. Doesn't everyone have boxes and boxes and boxes of books???? I thought that was normal?!? I've even given away 8 or 10 boxes of books and 6 or 8 boxes of LPs in the last two months.

Now I'm thinking we will have enough furniture left over to have a yard sale.... or maybe just a give away... MaryAnn--will you come help with the yard sale? Maybe the guy on the bike will come to my yard sale!

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a mommy said...

Sounds like things are going great! I must admit, the movers came to look at our stuff, and had to leave and come back with a bigger truck! I don't know about "everybody," but we've got tons of stuff. It's a full-time job to keep it sorted and get rid of things we don't need anymore.

Moving is stressful - but indeed, good exercise! Once the kids are moved to the new house, even with the moving still going on, you can show the old house. The kids are really the little swirling chaos generators that must be out of any house presentable enough for potential buyers.